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About me

I am a citizen of Gdańsk by birth, and by choice a guide around my small homeland, the Tri-City. Since June 2017, I have a license to guide tourists and organized groups around the Tri-City and the Hel Peninsula. I am also a certified guide at the European Solidarity Centre, the Emigration Museum, all branches of the Gdańsk Museum, the Stutthof Museum in Sztutowo and a certified tour leader in Poland and abroad.

One of my passions is swimming on a SUP board. The joy derived from swimming on it resulted in the enrichment of my offer with the possibility of visiting Gdańsk on SUP boards. From the perspective of the calm waters of the Motława, Gdańsk is even more beautiful, and the activity itself is extremely relaxing and easy to control.

The history and culture of the Tri-City are my passion, which is why I constantly deepen my knowledge. I am a graduate of postgraduate studies in the field of Gedan studies at the University of Gdańsk, where I studied as part of a scholarship granted to me by the Gdańsk Foundation.

Apart from the Tri-City, there is one more region that is particularly close to my heart, and that is Romania. Thanks to my studies at the Gdańsk University of Technology, I lived in Romania three times. I am happy to return to Romania with tourists from Poland, both as a pilot and guide, to share my love for this country.

I am fluent in English and Romanian.

In my free time I windsurf and SUP, travel, ride a bike and read.

Feel free to contact me and share walks and travels. Maybe we’ll see each other on the board?!

Hanna Adamus


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